NMT Case 1

U.S.A. v. Karl Brandt et al.: The Doctors' Trial


The Medical Case, U.S.A. vs. Karl Brandt, et al. (also known as the Doctors' Trial), was prosecuted in 1946-47 against twenty-three doctors and administrators accused of organizing and participating in war crimes and crimes against humanity in the form of medical experiments and medical procedures inflicted on prisoners and civilians.

Karl Brandt, the lead defendant, was the senior medical official of the German government during World War II; other defendants included senior doctors and administrators in the armed forces and SS. They were indicted on four counts: 1. conspiracy to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity; 2. war crimes (i.e., crimes against persons protected by the laws of war, such as prisoners of war); 3. crimes against humanity (including persons not protected by the laws of war); and 4. membership in a criminal organization (the SS).

The specific crimes charged included more than twelve series of medical experiments concerning the effects of and treatments for high altitude conditions, freezing, malaria, poison gas, sulfanilamide, bone, muscle, and nerve regeneration, bone transplantation, saltwater consumption, epidemic jaundice, sterilization, typhus, poisons, and incendiary bombs.

These experiments were conducted on concentration camp inmates. Other crimes involved the killing of Jews for anatomical research, the killing of tubercular Poles, and the euthanasia of sick and disabled civilians in Germany and occupied territories. The defendants were charged with ordering, supervising, or coordinating criminal activities, as well as participating in them directly. The fourth count concerned membership in the SS (Schuttzstaffeln) of the Nazi regime.

Karl Brandt and six other defendants were convicted, sentenced to death, and executed; nine defendants were convicted and sentenced to terms in prison; and seven defendants were acquitted.

The material presented in this project includes case file documents (the briefs and document books created and used in the course of the trial), evidence file documents (the evidentiary documents from which the prosecution, and occasionally the defendants, derived their exhibits), and the trial transcript.

The trial documents and evidence file documents related to Case 1 amount to approximately 2800 documents and 13,000 pages of material.


(25 Oct. 1946)

Four counts:

  1. Conspiracy to commit war crimes against humanity: The ordering, planning, and organization of the war crimes and crimes against humanity charged in counts two and three. Charged against all of the defendants. The tribunal decided not to convict on this charge.
  2. War crimes: Charged against all defendants. 15 guilty, 8 acquitted.
  3. Crimes against humanity: Charged against all defendants. 15 guilty, 8 acquitted.
  4. Membership in a criminal organization:  Membership in the SS. Charged against K. Brandt, Genzken, Gebhardt, R. Brandt, Mrugowsky, Poppendick, Sievers, Brack, Hoven, and Fischer. All found guilty.

Experiments and other "medical" crimes itemized in counts 2 and 3:

  1. High-altitude experiments. March - August 1942. Conducted for the German air force to investigate the effect of high-altitude flying; experiments were conducted at the Dachau camp using a low-pressure chamber. Charged against Becker-Freyseng, K. Brandt, R. Brandt, Gebhardt, Handloser, Mrugowsky, Poppendick, Romberg, Ruff, Schroeder, Sievers, and Weltz. Charges against K. Brandt, Handloser, Mrugowsky, and Poppendick were withdrawn. R. Brandt and Sievers were convicted.
  2. Freezing experiments. August 1942 - May 1943. Conducted primarily for the German air force to investigate treatments for persons who had been severely chilled, using prisoners at the Dachau camp. Charged against Becker-Freyseng, K. Brandt, R. Brandt, Gebhardt, Handloser, Mrugowsky, Poppendick, Schroeder, Sievers, and Weltz. Becker-Freyseng, K. Brandt, Gebhardt, Mrugowsky, Poppendick, and Weltz were acquitted; R. Brandt, Handloser, Schroeder, and Sievers were convicted.
  3. Malaria experiments. February 1942 - April 1945. Conducted to test immunization for and treatment of malaria; experiments were conducted on more than 1000 prisoners at Dachau. Charged against Blome, K. Brandt, R. Brandt, Gebhardt, Handloser, Mrugowsky, Poppendick, Rostock, and Sievers. (Evidence was also presented against Rose, but no judgment was reached.) No judgment was made concerning Mrugowsky. Blome, K. Brandt, R. Brandt, Gebhardt, Handloser, Poppendick, and Rostock were acquitted; Sievers was convicted.
  4. Mustard ("lost") gas experiments. September 1939 - April 1945. Conducted for the benefit of the German armed forces to investigate treatment of injuries caused by Lost (mustard) gas; experiments were conducted at Sachsenhausen, Natzweiler, and other camps. Charged against Blome, K. Brandt, R. Brandt, Gebhardt, Handloser, Rostock, and Sievers. Blome, Gebhardt, Handloser, and Rostock were acquitted; K. Brandt, R. Brandt, and Sievers were convicted.
  5. Sulfanilamide experiments. July 1942 - September 1943. Conducted for the benefit of the German armed forces to test the effectiveness of sulfanilamide and other drugs as treatments for infected wounds; experiments were conducted at Ravensbrueck. Charged against Becker-Freyseng, Blome, K. Brandt, R. Brandt, Fischer, Gebhardt, Genzken, Handloser, Mrugowsky, Oberheuser, Poppendick, Rostock, and Schroeder. Charges against Becker-Freyseng, Blome, and Schroeder were withdrawn. No judgment was reached concerning R. Brandt. Genzken, Poppendick, and Rostock were acquitted; K. Brandt, Fischer, Gebhardt, Handloser, Mrugowsky, and Oberheuser were convicted.
  6. Bone, muscle, and nerve regeneration, and bone transplant experiments. September 1942 - December 1943. Conducted for benefit of German armed forces, using Polish inmates at the Ravensbrueck camp. Charged against K. Brandt, R. Brandt, Fischer, Gebhardt, Handloser, Oberheuser, and Rostock. Charge against R. Brandt withdrawn. K. Brandt, Handloser, and Rostock were acquitted; Fischer, Gebhardt, and Oberheuser were convicted.
  7. Seawater experiments. July - September 1944. Conducted for the German air force and navy to test methods of making seawater drinkable; experiments were conducted at Dachau. Charged against Becker-Freyseng, Beiglboeck, K. Brandt, R. Brandt, Gebhardt, Handloser, Mrugowsky, Poppendick, Rostock, Schaefer, Schroeder, and Sievers. The charge against Mrugowsky was withdrawn. K. Brandt, R. Brandt, Handloser, Poppendick, Rostock, and Schaefer were acquitted; Becker-Freyseng, Beiglboeck, Gebhardt, Schroeder, and Sievers were convicted.
  8. Epidemic jaundice experiments. June 1943 - January 1945. Conducted for the benefit of the German armed forces to investigate causes of and inoculations against epidemic jaundice; experiments were conducted on Polish prisoners at Sachsenhausen and Natzweiler camps. Charged against Becker-Freyseng, K. Brandt, R. Brandt, Gebhardt, Handloser, Mrugowsky, Poppendick, Rose, Rostock, Schroeder, and Sievers. Charges against Becker-Freyseng, Rose, and Sievers were withdrawn. R. Brandt, Gebhardt, Handloser, Mrugowsky, Poppendick, Rostock, and Schroeder were acquitted; K. Brandt was convicted.
  9. Typhus ("spotted fever") and other vaccine experiments. December 1941 - February 1945. Conducted for the benefit of the German armed forces to test the effectiveness of vaccines against typhus, smallpox, cholera, and other diseases; experiments were conducted at Buchenwald and Natzweiler. Charged against Becker-Freyseng, K. Brandt, R. Brandt, Gebhardt, Genzken, Handloser, Hoven, Mrugowsky, Poppendick, Rose, Rostock, Schroeder, and Sievers. Becker-Freyseng, K. Brandt, Gebhardt, Poppendick, and Rostock were acquitted; R. Brandt, Genzken, Handloser, Hoven, Mrugowsky, Rose, Schroeder, and Sievers were convicted.
  10. Poison experiments. December 1943 and September - October 1944. Conducted to investigate the effect of various poisons, including poison in food and poisoned bullets; experiments were conducted at Buchenwald (food) and Sachsenhausen (bullets). Charged against Gebhardt, Genzken, Mrugowsky, and Poppendick. Gebhardt, Genzken, and Poppendick were acquitted; Mrugowsky was convicted.
  11. Incendiary bomb experiments. November 1943 - January 1944. Conducted to test pharmaceutical treatments for phosphorus burns; experiments were conducted at Buchenwald, involving the infliction of burns by materials from incendiary bombs. Charged against Gebhardt, Genzken, Mrugowsky, and Poppendick. All were acquitted.
  12. Sterilization experiments. March 1941 - January 1945. Conducted to develop methods of rapid, large scale sterilization in order to ensure the eventual elimination of "enemy" populations while keeping captive workers as a labor force during the war. Experiments were planned and/or conducted at Auschwitz, Ravensbrueck, and elsewhere employing drugs, x-rays, and surgery. Charged against Brack, K. Brandt, R. Brandt, Gebhardt, Mrugowsky, Oberheuser, Pokorny, and Poppendick. The charges against Mrugowsky and Oberheuser were withdrawn. K. Brandt, Pokorny, and Poppendick were acquitted; Brack, R. Brandt, and Gebhardt were convicted.
  13. Skeleton collection. June 1943 - September 1944. Conducted to complete a skeleton collection for an anatomical research project at the Reich University of Strasbourg; one hundred twelve Jews at Auschwitz were killed for the purpose. Charged against R. Brandt and Sievers; both were convicted.
  14. Tubercular Polish nationals. May 1942 - January 1944. Polish nationals alleged to have incurable tuberculosis were imprisoned or killed on the pretext of protecting the health of Germans in Poland. Charged against Blome and R. Brandt; both were acquitted.
  15. Euthanasia. September 1939 - April 1945. Involved the secret killing of the aged, insane, incurably ill, deformed children, and others, beginning at asylums in Germany and later in the camps and occupied territories. Charged against Blome, Brack, K. Brandt, and Hoven. Blome was acquitted; Brack, K. Brandt, and Hoven were convicted.

Other charges:

  1. Phenol (gas oedema) experiments. 1942 - 1944. Conducted to investigate whether levels of phenol in gas oedema serum caused fatalities among wounded soldiers; experiments were conducted on prisoners at Buchenwald. Charged against Handloser, Hoven, and Mrugowsky. Handloser was acquitted; Hoven and Mrugowsky were convicted.
  2. Phlegmon experiments. 1942. Conducted to test treatments for sepsis and related diseases, in coordination with sulfanilamide experiments at Ravensbrueck; experiments were conducted at Dachau and Auschwitz. Charged against Fischer, Oberheuser, and Poppendick; all were acquitted.
  3. Polygal experiments. 1943 - 1944. Conducted to test the effectiveness of polygal, a blood coagulant, for the treatment of wounds. Charged against Blome, Handloser, Poppendick, and Sievers. Blome, Handloser, and Poppendick were acquitted; Sievers was convicted.
  4. Planning, organization, and administration (of 1-15 above)
  5. Conspiracy: Count 1.
  6. Membership: Count 4.

List of 1-15 taken from Indictment in Trials of War Criminals; 16-18 charged during trial although not specified in indictment.

Chronology of the Medical Case

25 Oct 1946Indictment filed
5 Nov 1946Indictment served
21 Nov 1946Arraignment
5 Dec 1946Defense motion for continuance (Transcript begins)
9 Dec 1946Defense pleas; court procedures
9 Dec 1946Prosecution opening statement
10 Dec 1946Prosecution: Documents, defendants, and organizations
10 Dec 1946Prosecution: High altitude experiments
11 Dec 1946Prosecution: Freezing experiments
13 Dec 1946Prosecution: Malaria experiments
16 Dec 1946Prosecution: Seawater experiments
16 Dec 1946Prosecution: Sterilization experiments
18 Dec 1946Prosecution: Jewish skeletons collection
19 Dec 1946Prosecution: Jaundice experiments
19 Dec 1946Prosecution: Tubercular Poles program
19 Dec 1946Prosecution: Sulfanilamide and bone/muscle experiments
2 Jan 1947Prosecution: Polygal and phlegmon experiments
2 Jan 1947Prosecution: Lost (mustard) gas experiments
3 Jan 1947Prosecution: Typhus and other vaccine experiments
10 Jan 1947Prosecution: Biological warfare experiments
10 Jan 1947Prosecution: Euthanasia program
28 Jan 1947Prosecution: Criminal organization
29 Jan 1947Defense opening statements
3 Feb 1947Defense: Karl Brandt
11 Feb 1947Defense: Siegfried Handloser
20 Feb 1947Defense: Paul Rostock
25 Feb 1947Defense: Oskar Schroeder
28 Feb 1947Defense: Karl Genzken
4 Mar 1947Defense: Karl Gebhardt
10 Mar 1947Defense: Fritz Fischer
12 Mar 1947Defense: Kurt Blome
21 Mar 1947Defense: Rudolf Brandt
26 Mar 1947Defense: Joachim Mrugowsky
3 Apr 1947Defense: Herta Oberheuser
8 Apr 1947Defense: Helmut Poppendick
9 Apr 1947Defense: Wolfram Sievers
16 Apr 1947Defense: Gerhard Rose
25 Apr 1947Defense: Siegfried Ruff
1 May 1947Defense: Hans Romberg
6 May 1947Defense: Georg Weltz
8 May 1947Defense: Viktor Brack
19 May 1947Defense: Hermann Becker-Freyseng
2 June 1947Defense: Konrad Schaefer
6 June 1947Defense: Wilhelm Beiglboeck
21 June 1947Defense: Waldemar Hoven
25 June 1947Defense: Adolf Pokorny
26 June 1947Defense: additional documents
28 June 1947Prosecution: rebuttal evidence
30 June 1947Defense: additional documents
1 July 1947Prosecution: rebuttal evidence
2 July 1947Defense: additional documents
3 July 1947Prosecution: rebuttal evidence
14 July 1947Tribunal ruling on Count One of indictment
14 July 1947Prosecution closing statement
14 July 1947Defense closing statements
19 July 1947Defendants’ personal statements
19 Aug 1947Tribunal judgment
20 Aug 1947Sentences (transcript ends)
22 Nov 1947Appeals denied by Military Governor of U.S. Zone (Lucius Clay)
16 Feb 1948Appeals denied by U.S. Supreme Court (333 U.S. Reports 836)
2 June 1948Execution of seven defendants sentenced to death

Persons Involved in the Medical Case


(With counts charged and verdicts.)

Becker-Freyseng, Hermann (Medical Inspectorate, Luftwaffe; counts 1, 2, 3; guilty, 20 year prison term)
Beiglboeck, Wilhelm (Dr., Luftwaffe Medical Service; counts 1, 2, 3; guilty, 15 year prison tem)
Blome, Kurt (Dr., Office for Public Health; Reich Research Council; counts 1, 2, 3; acquitted)
Brack, Viktor (Oberdienstleiter, Chancellery; counts 1, 2, 3, 4; guilty, executed 1948)
Brandt, Karl (Dr., Commissioner for Public Health; Waffen-SS; counts 1, 2, 3, 4; guilty, executed 1948)
Brandt, Rudolf (SS Obersturmbannfuehrer, Himmler’s personal staff; counts 1, 2, 3, 4; guilty, executed 1948)
Fischer, Fritz (Dr., assistant to Karl Gebhardt; counts 1, 2, 3, 4; guilty, life in prison)
Gebhardt, Karl (Prof. Dr.; officer in SS and Waffen-SS; counts 1, 2, 3, 4; guilty, executed 1948)
Genzken, Karl (Dr. surgeon-general, Waffen SS; counts 1, 2, 3, 4; guilty, life in prison)
Handloser, Siegfried (Prof. Dr., Chief of Armed Forces Medical Service; counts 1, 2, 3; guilty, life in prison)
Hoven, Waldemar (Dr., physician at Buchenwald; Waffen SS; counts 1, 2, 3, 4; guilty, executed 1948)
Mrugowsky, Joachim (Dr., Chief of Hygiene Institute, Waffen SS; counts 1, 2, 3, 4; guilty, executed 1948)
Oberheuser, Herta (Dr., assistant to Karl Gebhardt; counts 1, 2, 3; guilty, 20 year prison term)
Pokorny, Adolf (Dr.; counts 1, 2, 3; acquitted)
Poppendick, Helmut (Dr., Race and Settlement Office; SS officer; counts 1, 2, 3, 4; guilty, 10 year prison term)
Romberg, Hans (Dr., Institute for Aviation Medicine at DVL; counts 1, 2, 3; acquitted)
Rose, Gerhard (Prof. Dr., Robert Koch Institute; Luftwaffe Medical Service; counts 1, 2, 3; guilty, life in prison)
Rostock, Paul (Prof., Office for Medical Science and Research; counts 1, 2, 3; acquitted)
Ruff, Siegfried (Dr., Institute for Aviation Medicine at DVL; counts 1, 2, 3; acquitted)
Schaefer, Konrad (Dr., Schering AG; Institute for Aviation Medicine; counts 1, 2, 3; acquitted)
Schroeder, Oskar (Dr., Luftwaffe Medical Service; counts 1, 2, 3; guilty, life in prison)
Sievers, Wolfram Wolfram (Ahnenerbe Society; Reich Research Council; counts 1, 2, 3, 4; guilty, executed 1948)
Weltz, Georg (Dr., Institute for Aviation Medicine; counts 1, 2, 3; acquitted)

Defense Counsel

Bergler, Dr. Erich (for Sievers)
Boehm, Dr. Georg (for Poppendick)
Brenner, Dr. Alfred (for Genzken)
Dehner, Dr. Walter (for Becker-Freyseng and Schroeder)
Duerr, Dr. Helmut (for Poppendick)
Flemming, Dr. Fritz (for Mrugowsky)
Fritz, Dr. Hans (for Rose)
Froeschmann, Dr. Georg (for Brack)
Gawlik, Dr. Hans (for Hoven)
Gierl, Dr. Georg (for Fischer, Gebhardt, and Oberheuser)
Hoffmann, Dr. Karl (for Pokorny)
Kauffmann, Dr. Kurt (for R. Brandt)
Klinnert, Dr. Gerhard (for Hoven)
Marx, Dr. Hans (for Becker-Freyseng and Schroeder)
Merkel, Dr. Rudolf (for Genzken)
Nelte, Dr. Otto (for Handloser)
Pelckmann, Dr. Horst (for Schaefer)
Pribilla, Dr. Hans (for Rostock)
Sauter, Dr. Fritz (for Blome and Ruff)
Schmidt, Dr. Rudolf (for K. Brandt)
Seidl, Dr. Alfred (for Fischer, Gebhardt, and Oberheuser)
Seraphim, Dr. H. (for Pokorny)
Servatius, Dr. Robert (for K. Brandt)
Steinbauer, Dr. Gustav (for Beiglboeck)
Vorwerk, Dr. Bernd (for Romberg)
Weissgerber, Dr. Josef (for Sievers)
Wille, Dr. Siegfried (for Weltz)

Prosecution Counsel

Taylor, Telford (Chief of Counsel for War Crimes for all NMT trials)
McHaney, James (Chief Prosecutor for Case 1)
Hardy, Alexander (Associate Counsel)
Horlik-Hochwald, Arnost (Associate Counsel)
Brown, Glen (Assistant Counsel)
Johnson, Esther (Assistant Counsel)
Robbins, Jack (Assistant Counsel)
Shiller, Daniel (Assistant Counsel)


Beals, Walter, Presiding Judge (Chief Justice of Supreme Court of State of Washington)
Crawford, Johnson, Member (former District Court Judge, Oklahoma)
Sebring, Harold, Member (Associate Justice of Supreme Court of Florida)
Swearingen, Victor, Alternate Member (former Special Assistant to U.S. Attorney General)

Other Persons and Organizations Often Mentioned in the Trial

Gluecks, Richard: SS administrator in charge of concentration camp system.
Grawitz, Dr. Ernst: Chief physician of the SS.
Himmler, Heinrich: Chief of the SS; ultimate sponsor of the medical experiments.
Rascher, Dr. Sigmund: Conducted high-altitude experiments at Dachau.

Ahnenerbe ("ancestral heritage") Society: Office in SS, conducted quasi-scientific studies.
SS (Schutzstaffel): Security force in Nazi party; then police and security authority in Germany; controlled concentration camps and other coercive programs.


Eighty-four witnesses testified at the trial. They are listed, with dates and trial transcript references, in the table of contents of the transcript portion of this project and in the published trial report, Trials of War Criminals, vol. 2, pp. 332-35.

Detailed Chronology

DateProceedings (Code for witnesses: D = defense; P = prosecution; T = tribunal)Pages
21 Nov 1946Arraignment and indictment01-025
5 Dec 1946Defense motion for continuance026-039
9 Dec 1946Defense pleas1-8
9 Dec 1946Court procedures9-12
9 Dec 1946Prosecution opening statement12-74
10 Dec 1946Prosecution: documents, defendants, and organizations75-153
10 Dec 1946Prosecution: high altitude experiments153-230
11 Dec 1946Prosecution: freezing experiments230-390
12 Dec 1946Witness (P): Wolfgang Lutz266-308
13 Dec 1946Prosecution: malaria experiments390-468
13-16 Dec 1946Witness (P): August H. Vieweg418-468
16 Dec 1946Prosecution: saltwater experiments469-506
16 Dec 1946Prosecution: sterilization experiments507-573
16 Dec 1946Witness (P): Chaim Balitzki539-544
17 Dec 1946Witness (P): Robert Levy550-561
17 Dec 1946Witness (P): Heinrich W. Stoehr574-594
17-18 Dec 1946Witness (T): Walter Neff595-695
18 Dec 1946Prosecution: Jewish skeleton collection695-733
18 Dec 1946Witness (P): Henri Henri-Pierre708-722
19 Dec 1946Prosecution: jaundice experiments733-745
19 Dec 1946Prosecution: tubercular Poles program745-760
19 Dec 1946Prosecution: sulfanilamide and bone/muscle/nerve experiments762-949
19-20 Dec 1946Witness (P): Maria Broel-Plater785-804
20 Dec 1946Witness (P): Leo Alexander805-814, 832-838, 848-855, 864-869
20 Dec 1946Witness (P): Vladislava Karolewska815-832
20 Dec 1947Witness (P): Jadwiga Dzido838-848
20 Dec 1946Witness (P): Maria Kusmierczuk856-864
21 Dec 1946Witness (P): Leo Michalowski871-886
2 Jan 1947Prosecution: polygal and phlegmon experiments949-995
2 Jan 1947Prosecution: lost (mustard) gas experiments996-1076
3 Jan 1947Witness (P): Ferdinand Hall1048-1073
3 Jan 1947Prosecution: typhus and other vaccine experiments1076-1476
6 Jan 1947Witness (P): Henri-Jean Grandjean1099-1105, 1119-1120
6-8 Jan 1947Witness (P): Eugen Kogon1150-1290
8 Jan 1947Witness (P): Georg Hirtz1291-1300
8-9 Jan 1947Witness (P): Fritz Kirchheimer1321-1348
9 Jan 1947Witness (P): Edith Schmidt1364-1383
10 Jan 1947Witness (P): Sofia Maczka1430--1462
10 Jan 1947Prosecution: biological warfare experiments1477-1503
10 Jan 1947Prosecution: euthanasia program1503-1956
14 Jan 1947Witness (P): Ferdinand Roemhild1627-1664
15 Jan 1947Witness (P): Olga Eyer1755-1779
16 Jan 1947Witness (P): Walter E. Schmidt1816-1863
16-17 Jan 1947Witness (P): Fritz Mennecke1866-1946
27 Jan 1947Witness (P): Werner Leibrandt1961-2028
28 Jan 1947Prosecution: criminal organization2076-2091
29 Jan 1947Defense opening statements2104-2285
3 Feb 1947Defense: Karl Brandt2300-2803
3-7 Feb 1947Witness (D): Karl Brandt2301-2661
7 Feb 1947Witness (D): Hans H. Lammers2661-2692
7-10 Feb 1947Witness (D): Kurt Gutzeit2692-2764
11 Feb 1947Defense: Siegfried Handloser2810-3258
11-18 Feb 1947Witness (D): Siegfried Handloser2816-3104
18-19 Feb 1947Witness (D): Paul Wuerfler3106-3144
19 Feb 1947Witness (D): Bernhard Schmidt3144-3188
19 Feb 1947Witness (D): Hans Hartlenben3189-3231
20 Feb 1947Defense: Paul Rostock3258-3468
20-24 Feb 1947Witness (D): Paul Rostock3258-3430
24 Feb 1947Witness (D): Heinz Christensen3430-3454
25 Feb 1947Witness (D): Maria Karlstetter3455-3461
25 Feb 1947Defense: Oskar Schroeder3468-3773
25[-27] Feb 1947Witness (D): Oskar Schroeder3469-3582; 3602-3700
26 Feb 1947Witness (D): Werner Jentsch3582-3602
27-28 Feb 1947Witness (D): Herbert Augustinick3701-3737
28 Feb 1947Witness (D): Fritz Witt3740-3753
28 Feb 1947Defense: Karl Genzken3773-3912
28 Feb, 3 Mar 1947Witness (D): Karl Genzken3773-3891
4 Mar 1947Defense: Karl Gebhardt3912-4265
4-10 Mar 1947Witness (D): Karl Gebhardt3931-4256
10 Mar 1947Defense: Fritz Fischer4266-4385
10-12 Mar 1947Witness (D): Fritz Fischer4266-4384
12 Mar 1947Defense: Kurt Blome4385-4826
12 Mar 1947Witness (D): Herbert Kosmehl4387-4446
13-21 Mar 1947Witness (D): Kurt Blome4450-4811
20 Mar 1947Witness (D): Henry Pieck4722-4755
21 Mar 1947Defense: Rudolf Brandt4828-4998
21-24 Mar 1947Witness (D): August Meine4831-4867
24-26 Mar 1947Witness (D): Rudolf Brandt4869-4994
26 Mar 1947Defense: Joachim Mrugowsky4999-5475
26-31 Mar 1947Witness (D): Joachim Mrugowsky5000-5244
31 Mar-1 Apr 1947Witness (D): Videslaw Horn5245-5333
1-3 Apr 1947Witness (D): J. Mrugowsky5334-5464
3 Apr 1947Defense: Herta Oberheuser5476-5530
3, 8 Apr 1947Witness (D): Herta Oberheuser5478-5528
8 Apr 1947Defense: Helmut Poppendick5530-5656
8-9 Apr 1947Witness (D): Helmut Poppendick5530-5651
9 Apr 1947Defense: Wolfram Sievers5656-6001
9-14 Apr 1947Witness (D): Wolfram Sievers5656-5869
14 Apr 1947Witness (D): Eduard May5869-5889
14-15 Apr 1947Witness (D): Franz Borkenau5890-5908
15 Apr 1947Witness (D): Erwin Topf5908-5924
15-16 Apr 1947Witness (D): Friedrich Hielscher5926-5994
16 Apr 1947Defense: Gerhard Rose6001-6488
16-17 Apr 1947Witness (D): Marie L. Block6002-6031
17 Apr 1947Witness (D): Felix Hoering6031-6078
18-25 Apr 1947Witness (D): Gerhard Rose6081-6484
25 Apr 1947Defense: Siegfried Ruff6489-6762
25-30 Apr 1947Witness (D): Siegfried Ruff6490-6739
1 May 1947Defense: Hans Romberg6763-7033
1-6 May 1947Witness (D): Hans Romberg6764-7032a
6 May 1947Defense: Georg Weltz7033-7260
6-8 May 1947Witness (D): Georg Weltz7035-7254
8 May 1947Defense: Viktor Brack7261-7774
8-9 May 1947Witness (D): Karl H. Hederich7262-7291
9, 12 May 1947Witness (D): Hermann Pfannmueller7291-7412
12-19 May 1947Witness (D): Viktor Brack7413-7772
19 May 1947Defense: Hermann Becker-Freyseng7774-8327
19-27 May 1947Witness (D): Hermann Becker-Freyseng7774-8243
28 May 1947Witness (D): Rolf Jaeger8244-8255
28-29 May 1947Witness (D): Hermann Becker-Freyseng8255-8292
2 June 1947Defense: Konrad Schaefer8327-8572
2 June 1947Witness (D): Konrad Schaefer8349-8399
3 June 1947Witness (D): Franz Vollhardt8400-8490
4 June 1947Witness (D): Konrad Schaefer8494-8571
5-6 June 1947Witness (D): Paul F. Dorn8574-8665
6 June 1947Defense: Wilhelm Beiglboeck8665-9761
6-12 June 1947Witness (D): Wilhelm Beiglboeck8666-9028
12-16 June 1947Witness (P): Andrew C. Ivy9029-9324
17 June 1947Witness (D): Wilhelm Beiglboeck9326-9328
17 June 1947Witness (P): Joseph Tschofenig9329-9363
17 June 1947Witness (P): Joseph Vorlicek9383-9407
17-20 June 1947Witness (D): Eugen Haagen9408-9712
21 June 1947Witness (D): Ernst Mettbach9714-9757
21 June 1947Defense: Waldemar Hoven9761-10005
21-24 June 1947Witness (D): Waldemar Hoven9761-10004
25 June 1947Defense: Adolf Pokorny10006-10155
25-26 June 1947Witness (D): Adolf Pokorny10007-10109
26 June 1947Witness (D): Rudolf Trux10110-10120
26 June 1947Witness (D): Ernst Koch10120-10144
26 June 1947Witness (D): Friedrich Jung10148-10154
26 June 1947Defense: additional documents10155-10356
27 June 1947Witness (P): Josef Laubinger10198-10229
27 June 1947Witness (P): Karl Hoellenrainer10229-10234
28 June 1947Prosecution: rebuttal evidence10356-10471
30 June 1947Witness (P): Constantyn J. Broers10386-10406
30 June 1947Witness (P): Gerrid H. Nales10409-10471
30 June 1947Defense: additional documents10471-10551
1 July 1947Witness (P): Karl Hoellenrainer10508-10544
1 July 1947Prosecution: rebuttal evidence10552-10594
2 July 1947Defense: additional documents10601-10694
3 July 1947Prosecution: rebuttal evidence10695-10716
14 July 1947Tribunal ruling on Count One of indictment10717-10718
14 July 1947Prosecution closing statement10718-10796
14 July 1947Defense closing statements10797-11309
19 July 1947Defendants' personal statements11310-11358
19 Aug 1947Tribunal judgment11359-11531
20 Aug 1947Sentences11532-11538