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Medical Case Transcript
9 December 1946

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THE PRESIDENT: I have a statement which I desire to make for the benefit of the prosecution, defendants, and all concerned: Before opening the trial of Case No. 1, the United States of America against Karl Brandt, et al, there are certain matters which the Tribunal desires to call to the attention of the counsel for the prosecution and the counsel for the defendants.

1. The prosecution may be allowed, for the purpose of making the opening statement in this case, time not to exceed one trial day. This time may be allocated by the chief prosecutor, between himself and any of his assistants, as he desires.

2. When the prosecution has rested its case, defense counsel will be allowed two trial days in which to make their opening statements, and which will comprehend the entire theory of their respective defenses. The time allocated will be divided between the different defense counsel, as they may themselves agree. In the event the defense counsel cannot agree, the Tribunal will allocate the time, not to exceed thirty minutes to each defendant.

3. The prosecution shall, not less than twenty-four hours, before itdesires to offer any record or document or writing in evidence, as part of its case in chief, file with the defense information center not less than one copy of such record, document or writing for each of the counsel for defendants, such copies to be in the German language. The prosecution shall also deliver to the defense information center at least four copies thereof in the English language.

4. When the prosecution or any defendant offers a record, document or any other writing or a copy thereof in evidence there shall be delivered to the Secretary General in addition to the original document or other instrument in writing so offered for admission in evidence, six copies of the document. If the document is written or printed in a language other than English, there shall also be filed with the copies of the document above referred to, six copies of an English translation of the document. If such document is offered by any defendant suitable facilities for procuring English translations of that document shall be made available.

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