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Medical Case Transcript
13 December 1946

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Q: So if I understand you correctly, Dr. Ploetner and Sievers only went through the hospital when leaving the office of Dr. Ploetner and going to another part of the camp?

A: No, another part of the hospital, the so-called Ahnenerbe station.

Q: As far as you know, did Sievers have anything to do with malaria research?

A: Sievers had nothing to do with us.

Q: Do you know whether Sievers i[s] a physician?

A: I don't know that.

Q: Now I am interested in how you found out about the name of Sievers?

A: I found that out because of the correspondence to Professor Schilling from Berlin, and it always was said that, for instance, today Standartenfuehrer Dr. Sievers would arrive, the one who is responsible for Ahnenerbe, and then we saw Dr. Sievers [w]hen he arrived.

Q: If you did not know the names of many other visitors, it is rather remarkable that you just remember the name of Sievers.

A: Between Professor Schilling and Dr. Ploetner, who was assigned to Dr. Schilling as an assistant from Berlin, between these two there was a strained relationship, and because Dr. Ploetner wanted to leave one way or a another, we were interested in the matter, and when finally the notice came from Berlin that Dr. Ploetner was to be removed, the name Sievers was mentioned in that connection; and that is the reason why I remember the name.

Q: Was Sievers present during any of the experiments?

A: That I don't know.

DR. WEISGERBER: I have not further questions to the witness.

THE PRESIDENT: At this time the Tribunal will recess until 9:30 o'clock Monday morning.

(The Tribunal adjourned until 14 December 1946, at 930 hours.)

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