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Medical Case Transcript
13 December 1946

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Q: Witness, you do not understand me. Why are you, or why were you, in the Bamberg prison? For what reason have you been placed or put into the Bamberg prison?

A: I have not yet been sentenced. I am in pre-trial confinement in the Bamberg prison.

Q: For what reason are you in pre-trial confinement?

A: The Bamberg police have accused me of engaging in black market activities and because of serious mischief.

Q: Thank you, witness. When were you first arrested by the Nazis and placed in a concentration camp?

A: I was arrested in May 1940 and taken to the concentration camp at Sachsenhausen.

Q: When were you transferred to the Dachau Concentration Camp?

A: I was sent to the concentration camp at the 16th of October 1940, coming from Neuengamme.

Q: While you were an inmate at the concentration camp, did you ever undergo any medical experiments?

A: The concentration camp at Dachau; I was used for malaria experiments by Professor Dachfinney.

Q: How many times were you subjected to the malaria experiments by Dr. Schilling?

A: On five occasions I received five cubic centimeters of malaria-bug infective and later, --

Q: Would you kindly tell the Tribunal what effect these experiments had on you; that is, did you have high fever, serious illness, and so forth?

Q: Quite often I ran a very high temperature. I reached a very exhausted condition, and after the injection I received large doses of medical drugs, quinine, ephedrine, and many others. I was in bed for weeks, and after one certain treatment in the course of 1943, 1944, 1945, and 1946, there were 20 to 26 occasions when I had malaria attacks, so that, for a long time I was unable to work.

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