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Medical Case Transcript
13 December 1946

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against further experiments on my body, he said, "You have no right to protest, you are a prisoner here, and I shall report you to the Commander of this camp for your protest, and you will see how hard the consequences will be for you. Nevertheless, I kept on protesting. I had an order from the Camp Commander later on that, every time Dr. Schilling wanted me at the hospital, I had to appear without fail at the hospital at his disposal. I have witnesses that the facts I just related are exact."

I will not read any more from this document, Your Honor. I merely introduce this to show that these men subjected to these experiments were by no means criminals or volunteers. At this time, I respectfully request the Tribunal to call the witness August Heinrich Vieweg to the witness stand.

AUGUST HEINRICH VIEWEG, a witness, took the stand and testified as follows:


Q [Sebring] Will you repeat this oath after me:

I swear by God, the Almighty and Omniscient, that I will speak the pure truth and will withhold and add nothing.

(The witness repeated the oath.)



Q [Hardy]: Witness, your name is August Heinrich Vieweg, is it not?

A [Vieweg]:Yes.

Q: When and where were you born?

A: On the 17th of September, 1895, at Hannover.

Q: What is your occupation?

A: I am a book printer.

Q Witness, will you kindly tell the Tribunal where you are presently living?

A: At the time, I am living at Bamberg.

Q: Witness, at this time -- are you now a prisoner in one of the military government prison[s]?

A: For the time being, I am a prisoner.

Q: Would you kindly tell the Tribunal why you are now imprisoned?

A: From the Bamberg prison, I have been brought here in order to heard as a witness.

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