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Medical Case Transcript
13 December 1946

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DR. FLEMMING [i.e., Hardy (?)]: Yes, Your Honor.

JUDGE SEBRING: As I understand it the affidavit appearing on page 29, is a true multigraphed copy of an excerpt taken from the confidential report of the Atrocities Committee at the Dachau Concentration Camp: is that true?

MR. HARDY: That is correct, Your Honor, And certified by the Chief of our document center.

JUDGE SEBRING: That appears there as Exhibit 32, is that not correct?

MR. HARDY: Not, it is Great Britain Exhibit No. 582, Your Honor. Great Britain Exhibit 582.

JUDGE SEBRING: I do not mean the exhibit before the International Tribunal, but the exhibit as it now appears on the front of the document book.

MR. HARDY: Number 52; that's correct, sir.

THE PRESIDENT: The Tribunal directs that it will take judicial notice of the exhibit as you had it on the first page this morning. After that it will be sufficient to take it in our notes.

MR. HARDY: Thank you, sir. May I read the section in this testimony of Marion Dabrowski that I want you to take particular notice of, Your Honor? On page 29, you will find that this is the testimony of Marion Dabrowski, taken at Dachau, Germany 13 May 1945. Question number 1; Marion Dabrowski was asked his name, and his answer -- he was a Catholic priest. I now request the Tribunal to turn to page 31, the second question:

Q: Were you forced to submit to the malaria experiment while you were a prisoner at Dachau?

A: Yes, three times by mosquitoes and once by an injection of blood from a malaria patient.

Q: Did you volunteer or offer yourself in this experiment ?

A: Never

Q: How did it happen that these experiments were performed upon you ?

A: It happened through the camp secretary's office. At that station, prisoners who were communists were told to present the names of 100 prisoners for the malaria injections. These communists said that the priests are the most useless among the prisoners, so we priests were told that 100 of us had to go forward to get the malaria injections. The hundred names were finally chosen from amongst the priests by alphabet.

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