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Medical Case Transcript
9 December 1946

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Official Transcript of the American Military Tribunal in the matter of the United States of America, against Karl Brandt, et al, defendants, sitting at Nurnberg, Germany, on 9 December 1946, 1000-1700, Justice Beals, presiding.

THE MARSHAL: Military Tribunal No. 1 is now in session. God save the United States of America and this honorable Tribunal. There will be order in the Court.

THE PRESIDENT [Beals]: The Secretary General will ascertain that all the defendants are present.

THE MARSHAL: The Secretary General will call the roll of the defendants.

(The Secretary General: Karl Brandt, Siegfried Handloser, Paul Rostock, Oskar Schroeder, Karl Genzken, Karl [Geb]hardt, Kurt Blome, Rudolf Brandt, Joachim Mrugowsky, Helmut Poppendick, Wolfram Sievers, Gerhard Rose, Siegfried Ruff, Hans Wo[l]fgang Romberg, Vi[k]tor Brack, Hermann Becker-Freyseng, Georg August Weltz, Konrad Schaefer, Waldemar Hoven, Wilhelm Beiglb[oe]ck, Adolf Pokorny, Herta Oberhauser, Fritz Fischer.)

THE SECRETARY GENERAL:All of the defendants are present and accounted for.

THE PRESIDENT: The Secretary General will note for the record the presence of the defendants.

I have two questions now to propound to the defendants. As the name of each defendant is called he will rise in his place and proceed to the center in front of the microphone and answer the questions which I shall propound to him. Karl Brandt. Your name is Karl Brandt?


THE PRESIDENT: Have you received and had an opportunity to read the indictment [HLSL item 564] filed against you?

KARL BRANDT: I have read the indictment, yes.

THE PRESIDENT: Have you entered your plea of Not Guilty to this indictment and do you now plea Not Guilty?

KARL BRANDT: Yes, I am not guilty.

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