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Medical Case Transcript
5 December 1946

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JUDGE BEALS: I would like to ask Defense Counsel a question. Do you think, Counsel, that the filing of a brief statement in English would be of material assistance to you and would be sufficient until possibly a German translation could be provided?

DR. SERVATIUS: It would be of great assistance to us. If a number of Defense Counsel have difficulties, we would be able to help each other. We would be very glad to get it soon. May I ask about the number of documents, if we could have twenty-three lists, one for each defendant? There are twenty-three defendants, if we could have twenty-three copies.

JUDGE BEALS: I would ask Counsel for the Prosecution to furnish that if possible. You are excused.

JUDGE SEBRING: General Taylor, is it mechanically possible to do that?

GENERAL TAYLOR: Yes, Your Honor, I believe it would be by stenciling it.

JUDGE SEBRING: Within what period of time?

GENERAL TAYLOR: Well, we will do our best to have it in within twenty-four hours. Until I check with the clerical facilities I am a little reluctant to say definitely that we can do it in twenty-four hours, but we will shoot for that and I think we will certainly be able to have it in forty-eight.

JUDGE BEALS: This informal session of the Tribunal will now adjourn.

(The Tribunal adjourned until 9 December 1946, at 1000 hours.)

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