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Medical Case Transcript
12 December 1946

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Official Transcript of the American Military Tribunal in the matter of the United States of America, against Karl Brandt, et al., defendants, sitting at Nurnberg, Germany, on 12 December 1946, 0930-1630, Justice Beals, presiding.

THE MARSHAL: The honorable Judges of Military Tribunal 1. Military Tribunal 1 is now in session. God save the United States of America and this Honorable Tribunal.

THE PRESIDENT [Beals]: Will the Marshal ascertain if the defendants are all present.

THE MARSHAL: May it please Your Honor, all defendants are present in the courtroom.

THE PRESIDENT: The Secretary General will note for the record the presence of the defendants.

The prosecution will proceed.

MR. McHANEY: May it please the Tribunal, I will ask that the witness Wolfgang Lutz be called to the stand.

WOLFGANG LUTZ, a witness, took the stand and testified as follows:

THE PRESIDENT: Judge Sebring will administer the oath to the witness.


Q. [Sebring] Hold up your right hand and repeat the oath after me.

I swear by God, the Almighty and Omniscient, that I will speak the pure truth and will withhold and add nothing.

(The witness repeated the oath)


You may sit down.



Q. [McHaney]: Your name is Wolfgang Lutz?

A. [Lutz]: Yes.

Q: You are a German national?

A ; Yes.

Q: You are now a prisoner of war held at Camp Marcus/W. Orr near Salzburg?

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