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Medical Case Transcript
11 December 1946

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sea and were picked up in boats or small vessels and where there is no possibility of placing these chilled people in a hot bath. I take it for granted that you know of these heat packets which we also have in the SS and which were used by the Russians a great deal. They consist of a mass which develops a warmth of 70 to 80 [degrees] upon addition of water and retains it for hours.

"I am very curious as to the experiments with body warmth. I personally take it that these experiments will probably bring the best and lasting results. Naturally, I could be mistaken.

"Keep me informed on the following findings. Of course we will see each other in November.

Your (signed) H. HIMMLER".

The second copy was sent to Karl Wolff with a "request for acknowledgment and return since the Reich Fuehrer SS in Munich wants these copies again.". Signed Brandt - that is, the defendant Rudolf Brand[t].

(The Tribunal adjourned until 12 December 1946 at 0930 hours).

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