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Medical Case Transcript
11 December 1946

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recording all changes of chemical and gas characteristics -- are to be further continued until complete clarification of doubtful questions. I attach particular value to conditions for experiments coming as close to actual conditions as possible, quite particularly as regards reimpartation of warmth. Sauna equipment available in Dachau should be used in connection with experiments on reimpartation of warmth.

"3) Experiments on removal of effects due to freezing of parts of human system especially the extremities, to be carried through in suitable form (e.g. applications with Gastein water).

"4) Experiments concerned with adaptation to freezing cold in snow huts (igloos) to be carried out under varying diets in order to establish whether adaptation to cold and resistance increase against freezing is possible. These experiments are to be carried out on the site of SS-Berghaus Sudelfeld.

"5) The procurement of the apparatus needs for all the experiments should be discussed in detail with the offices of the Reichsarzt-SS, Main Office for Economics and Administration and with the Ahnenerbe. The necessary chemical products, medical supplies and glass ware will be made available by the SS Medical Office, Berlin.

"6) Publication of results obtained in such tests subject to my approval only".

Signed "H. Himmler".

We are now at the end of the presentation of documentary evidence on the High Altitude Experiments. We will, of course, have a witness on the High Altitude Experiments, and who will be called tomorrow morning.

Now, Mr. McHaney will proceed with the presentation of the Freezing Experiments.

MR. McHANEY: Your Honors should have before you English Document Book No. 3, which contains substantially all the Exhibits which we will present on the Freezing Experiments carried out at the Dachau Concentration Camp in the Fall and Winter of 1942, and during part of 1943.

The first Document will be NO 242, and which will be Prosecution's Exhibit No. 80 [HLSL item 1488]. This is an affidavit signed by the defendant Rudolf Brandt, setting forth his knowledge concerning the Freezing Experiments. It reads as follows:

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