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Medical Case Transcript
10 December 1946

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Honor, appears on page 85 in the English document book. It is the last document in the book. It reads as follows:

"In connection with the administration of the concentration camps, the SS embarked on a series of experiments on human beings which were performed on prisoners of war or concentration camp inmates. These experiments included freezing to death, and killing by poison bullets. The SS was able to obtain an allocation of Government funds for this kind of research on the grounds that they had access to human material not available to other agencies."

Your Honor, please, this is being submitted in order that you may take judicial notice of it under Article 9, Ordinance Number 7. The document 002-PS [HLSL item 2439] was the proof and evidence which underlies the finding which I have just read you.

If it pleases the Tribunal, we have now completed our presentation on the personal histories and the positions held by the defendants in the document. We feel that we laid the foundation in order that we may now proceed to the proof on the subsequent crimes themselves. And, I therefore, come to the presentation of evidence on the High Altitude Experiments carried out in the Dachau Concentration Camp in the spring and summer of 1942.

This is the first [group of] experiments [in] the list of those charged in the Indictment. First, under Paragraph 6, under War Crimes, and also under Paragraph 11,

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