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Medical Case Transcript
10 December 1946

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These original documents were then given trial identification numbers in one of five series designated by the letters: "PS", "L", "R", "C", and "C" [sic; EC or TC (?)], indicating the means of acquisition of the documents. Within each series, documents were listed numerically.

The prosecution in this case shall have occasion to introduce in evidence documents processed under the direction of Major Coogan. Some of these documents were introduced in evidence before the IMT and some were not. As to those which were, this Tribunal is required by Article IX of Ordinance No. 7 to take judicial notice thereof. However, in order to simplify the procedure, we will introduce photostatic copies of documents used in Case No. 1 before the IMT to which will be attached a certificate by Mr. Fred Niebergall, the Chief of our Document Control Branch, certifying that such document was introduced in evidence before the IMT and that is a true and correct copy thereof. Such documents have been and will be made available to defendants just as in the case of any other document.

As to those documents processed under the direction of Major Coogan which were not used in the case before the IMT, they are authenticated by the affidavit of Major Coogan dated 19 November 1945. This affidavit served as the basis of authentication of substantially all documents used by the Office of Chief of Counsel before the IMT. It was introduced in that trial as U.S.A. Exhibit 1. Since we will use certain documents processed for the IMT trial, I would no[w] like to introduce as Prosecution Exhibit 1 the Coogan affidavit, in order to authenticate such documents. This affidavit explains the manner in and means by which captured German documents were processed for use in war crimes trials. I shall not burden the court with reading it as it is substantially the same as the affidavit of Mr. Niebergall to which I shall come in a moment.

I have thus far explained the manner of authenticating documents to be used in this case which were processed under the direction of Major Coogan. I now come to the authentication of documents processed not for the IMT trial, but for subsequent trials such as this one. These documents are authenticated

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